The toxic trough of dull writing

The Oxford Dictionary released this week, their ‘Word of the Year’ … toxic. If you would like to know why they chose this word, you can read all about it here (read the shortlisted words, they are far more interesting!)

We all have our favourite words that we tend to overuse in our writing. Three tips to overcome them are:

  1. After you’ve finished writing, leave it alone for as long as you can. Then read it again, but not in your own voice. Sound weird? Only if you decide to do it in front of your family! Seriously, give it a go! It picks up those comfortable slips we fall into.
  2. Use a thesaurus. The online versions, such as Oxford and Collins, are free, fast and contain the latest words.
  3. Read and read! Reading increases your vocabulary. A wider vocabulary means you now have some fantastic new words to insert into your writing that will wow your friends, family and work colleagues.

Don’t fall into the toxic trough of dull writing!

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