Overcoming autocorrect

We’ve all been there … written what we think is a smashing email or text message only to find an ‘autocorrect’ error after you have hit ‘sent’.

A friend recently posted on social media that he was disappointed that the NHS would not take back used crochets despite a national shortage; he meant to write crutches 😳. I’ve even come across a restaurant review that claimed they went for dinner with a couple of fiends 😨.

There isn’t an easy solution. When you have been reading the same text repeatedly, scientific research has shown that your brain goes into a form of autopilot, not spotting missing words, spelling errors and erroneous autocorrects; Fahrenheight or Fahrenheit is one such beauty.

If you rely on autocorrect for your spelling, particularly on your phone, type slowly and leave your text for a few minutes before you hit ‘send’; your brain will then be rested and refreshed to spot those pesky autocorrects!

Remember, don’t let autocorrect be your worst enema…