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There, their, they’re!

One of the most common mistakes I can come across is the misuse of there, their and they’re. Here are some simple rules to help you remember their role in the English language: ‘there’ is used to denote a place 😊;

The toxic trough of dull writing

The Oxford Dictionary released this week, their ‘Word of the Year’ … toxic. If you would like to know why they chose this word, you can read all about it here (read the shortlisted words, they are far more interesting!)

Definite or indefinite … that is the question!

A very common mistake I find while proofreading is not placing ‘the’ (definite article) or ‘a’ and ‘an’ (indefinite article) in front of a noun.  The missing article throws the sentence into a ‘wordy heaven’ full of stilted text. However,

The humble colon

For many people, the humble colon is just another name for your large intestine, but in the English language the colon, or :, is most commonly used as a punctuation mark to introduce a list or expand on a sentence.  

Overcoming autocorrect

We’ve all been there … written what we think is a smashing email or text message only to find an ‘autocorrect’ error after you have hit ‘sent’. A friend recently posted on social media that he was disappointed that the

Confusing word choices!

Have you ever used biannual instead of biennial to describe a conference that occurs every other year? Tired of continuous interruptions when they are really continual? At this point you might be feeling disinterested, when you’re really uninterested? If all

Dates / dates or d.a.t.e.s?

People often write dates in their documents in lots of different styles, but which style is correct? There isn’t a straightforward answer I’m afraid, as it will depend on the type of document you are writing and how formal you

Five top tips for filling in a funding application form!

Faced with an arts/community funding application form and can’t see the wood for the trees? Don’t worry, below are my five top tips to help you through the process: Discuss your idea or project you would like funding for with

Keep yourself healthy – it will keep you in work!

When I started my own proofreading and copyediting business from home three years ago, I was faced with a dilemma. I suffer with a long-term health condition, and my previous employer had provided me with all the necessary workstation equipment